Capture the Flag

Description of Activity

This game is ideal for larger groups (10+) and can be played for at least 10 minutes. Ideally, this activity would be administered in a large, open space such as a sport field or indoor/outdoor gymnasium.

Split the group into two teams. On each side of the playing field, there will be a flag zone that is indicated by a designated circle where the flag will be placed. A designated holding zone for tagged players will also be identified for each side. The objective of the game is to take the opposing teams flag and return it across the center line without being tagged. If a player is tagged while on the opponent’s side of the field, they must go to the holding zone on the opponent's side of the field. If a player is tagged when attempting to steal the flag, it must be returned to the flag zone and the player goes to the holding zone. A player can be freed from the holding zone if a teammate crosses the line and tags them. Both players are then granted a free walk back to their side. A teammate can only free one teammate at a time. When guarding the flag zone, players must remain 2 feet from the flag zone boundary, Players must tag one another safely. Unsafe tags include hard contact that could cause the person being tagged to fall.

Equipment Needed

Cones, floor tape (if available), flag

Potential Modifications

Modifications for this game can be made for a host of situations. The distance between flags and zones can be scaled along with the length of the game. The activity can also be completed by utilizing other locomotor movements such as skipping, power walking, or walking. For an additional challenge, instead of going to the holding zone when tagged, players can complete a calisthenics movement before re-entering the game (i.e. push up, sit up, body squat, plank, lunge, jump squat, wall sit, mountain climbers, etc.)