How Does The GAP Relay Work?

Your team will make your experience.

There are several different ways you can set up your team:

  • Full 150-Mile Relay Options:
    • 8-Person Team (of 7!)
    • 6-Person Team (or 5!)
    • 4-Person Team
  • 60-Mile Relay Options:
    • 4-Person Team
    • 2-Person Team

Wondering where to find your teammates? Think about your BFFs, colleagues, or like-minded charity runners (we've had several teams fundraise for important causes!). OR you can join our Find-A-Team group on Facebook!

The process:

One team member (Runner 1) starts the race and runs Leg 1. The rest of the team will pile into your van and drive to Exchange Zone 1. At the end of their race leg, Runner 1 will hand off the team’s slap bracelet (your relay baton) to Runner 2. Runner 2 will begin to run Leg 2, and the rest of the team will pile into your van again and drive to Exchange Zone 2. This process will continue until the team has completed all 24 relay legs. 

If your team has too many runners for one vehicle (this includes all eight-person teams), your vehicles can “leapfrog” one another throughout the event. As an example, runners in Vehicle 1 will take on relay legs 1-4 while Vehicle 2 rests or explores. They’ll meet at Exchange Zone 4 after Runner 4 from Vehicle 1 completes Leg 4. Then Runner 5 from Vehicle 2 will take over and complete Leg 5 and Vehicle 2 will meet the runner at Exchange Zone 5. Vehicle 1’s runners will pick up again at Exchange Zone 8.

That’s just the high-level process. Your team can change up who is running which legs whenever you like and however works best for you. Maybe you want your strongest runners tackling the longest legs while some newbies on your team take on the shorter distances. Or maybe you all want to run the same overall distance. Doesn’t matter to us.

If your team is completing the 60-mile adventure starting in Confluence, PA, you will follow the same process! We understand that, until you see it, it’s a lot of info that could be confusing.

Check out the FAQ page to learn more OR feel free to email us with any questions you have!