2021 P3Runners

Meet the 2021 P3Runners! The P3Runners are P3R's ambassador team, made up of passionate and welcoming individuals who love and support P3R races, events, and programs. They come from all walks of life and want to share their love of a healthy lifestyle with you! Be sure to give them all a follow for inspiration, running tips, and exciting features and giveaways throughout the year!

Zohar Asher is a male P3R ambassador

Zohar Asher

Zohar was formerly in the military and was fairly active, but was never a long-distance runner, until 2019 when he ran his first marathon, the DICK'S Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon. Zohar has three sons — the two eldest are runners for their local high school!

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Jen Bigham is one of our female P3R ambassador runners

Jen Bigham

Jen is an elite runner who has lived in Squirrel Hill for the past 7 years with her husband and 3, soon-to-be 4, kids! She enjoys running every distance from the mile to the marathon and has been running for more than 25 years. She loves Pittsburgh, the people here, and all the great running options we have in the city.

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Jonathan Bolha, p3r ambassador, running outside.

Jonathan Bolha

Jonathan lives in Youngstown, OH, and has run over 100 marathons! He signed up for his first post-college race after his mother volunteered at a race and encouraged him to register. Jonathan loves to take in everything nature has to offer and enjoys hiking mountains when he's not running!

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Cherie Boushell is one of our female p3r ambassadors

Cherie Boushell

Cherie is a former running-hater turned running-lover who is looking to once again fall back in love with running after being away from it for 5 years. Cherie is a newly married, marketing communications professional living in the Southside Works, who is obsessed with the Pittsburgh Steelers, thrift store shopping, true crime, horror, Prince, cake, and naps.

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Matt Brady is one of our male p3r ambassadors.

Matt Brady

Matt is a native Pittsburgher who moved to Florida for 10 years before making his way to New Jersey. He is a happy husband and proud father. This year will be his 10th year as a teacher and he loves working with kids.

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Matthew Bright, P3R ambassador.

Matthew Bright

Matthew was born and raised in Pittsburgh and has a twin sister. He moved to Brooklyn, NY in 2009 after gaining admission to the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts in NY, NY. Matthew is an avid reader and he also enjoys screenwriting as a hobby. Stand up comedy is his passion and he hopes to go back to working in that field!

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Michael Chiang, male p3r ambassador, shown outside.

Michael Chiang

Michael is a physician training in the field of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R), with a PhD in Neurobiology. During his spare time, Michael enjoys running, rock climbing, and playing the violin. He believes in the importance of a positive mindset and active lifestyle.

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Dezza Colby, female p3r ambassador, shown outside.

Dezza Colby

Dezza is a mother runner of two teens, one is a swimmer and one is a runner! Dezza also enjoys practicing taekwondo, weight-lifting, cardio-boxing, hiking, cooking and baking, and some reading on the side.

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Adrian Crouch, female p3r ambassador.

Adrian Crouch

Adrian has been running since 2011 and fell in love with marathons after spectating the DICK'S Sporting GoodsPittsburgh Marathon that same year. In 2012, Adrian was diagnosed with late state Lyme disease and took a very long hiatus. She returned to running in 2015, and the 2021 DICK'S Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon will be her 15th marathon!

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Brittany Cuzick, female p3r ambassador, shown outside.

Brittany Cuzick

Brittany is a marathon runner currently living in Hamilton, Montana! She ran her first marathon, virtually, in 2020 and fell in love with the distance. In 2020, she was able to experience the virtual UPMC Health Plan Pittsburgh Half Marathon as a part of the Brooks Run Happy Team! Despite growing up in California, she is a diehard Steelers fan! When she is not running, Brittany loves to watch baseball or football, hang with her beagle pup, or check out a local brewery.

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Tamika Dallas, female P3R ambassador.

Tamika Dallas

Tamika is a wife to an Army Veteran and a mother of two boys ages 12 and 20. She works for an amazing Foot and Ankle Center. Tamika is a huge Peloton fan! Her life has changed since she got active with them on their bike and treadmill. She is an Epilepsy Warrior and excited to share her journey!

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Jessica DeGore, female p3r ambassador

Jessica DeGore

Jessica is a Registered Dietitian that specializes in helping active women fuel workouts and runs. She is also a marathoner and triathlete. Jessica loves cooking, craft beer, and spending time outside!

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Maegan Dougherty, female p3r ambassador

Maegan Dougherty

Maegan moved to Pittsburgh to run college in 2010 at Robert Morris University and fell in love with the city. She stayed for Graduate studies at Duquesne University and met her husband of now 5 years. Maegan works in Private Practice as a Therapist and teaches Psychology courses at RMU. In 2019, she ran her first Boston Marathon! Maegan is expecting her first child and is navigating movement and running in a whole new and exciting way!

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Madilyn Douglas, female p3r ambassador, shown indoors

Madilyn Douglas

Madilyn is a graduate student at University of Pittsburgh, earning her doctorate in occupational therapy. She enjoys running, photography, travel, and fashion!

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Kelli Foster, female p3r ambassador, running outdoors

Kelli Foster

Kelli is an RRCA certified run coach, avid runner and marathoner. She started running marathons in 2017, with her first marathon being the Los Angeles Marathon. She has completed 8 marathons (including 2 majors - NYC & Chicago), 1 ultra marathon (Dallas BMW), and countless 15Ks, 10Ks & 5Ks. Kelli is an elementary teacher of 17 years. She is a founder, and leader, of a run club in Dallas, TX called Sol Sisters Run!

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Cara Group, female p3r ambassador, shown outdoors

Cara Group

Cara has been an athlete her whole life - starting with slow-pitch softball at age 7 and added basketball, track, and tennis. In addition to running, Cara loves to read, travel, ski, and visit with friends and family.

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Gareth Henderson, male p3r ambassador, shown outdoors running

Gareth Henderson

Gareth is a high school business teacher where he also coaches cross country and track and field. He has been a charity runner for the Kids of STEEL program in 2020 and 2021. Gareth has also been a member of Ryan's Run, a New York City Marathon charity team.

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Logan Howard, male p3r ambassador, shown outdoors

Logan Howard

Logan is a math teacher, turned CPA, turned personal trainer and group fitness instructor. Through all of his life changes, running has remained constant. Running has been a huge part of Logan's life for over 15 years! He is married to his wife, Meg, and they both enjoy traveling, eating their favorite foods, walking, and experiencing life together.

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Erin Hubbard, female p3r ambassador, shown with her two dogs.

Erin Hubbard

Erin started running consistently in 2016 and since then has completed one 50k, seven full marathons, 13 half marathons, and many other distances. She loves running on the local trails, especially with her dogs. When not running, Erin loves spending time outdoors and with her family!

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Toni Kengor, female p3r ambassador, running outdoors

Toni Kengor

Toni is a distance runner lover, outdoor adventurer, dog mom, wife and running coach! Back in 2016 she Co-Founded running coach business Relentless Runners, and is grateful thatshe gets to coach amazing athletes as her full-time job. When she's not running or coaching, she's usually enjoying the outdoors with her husband!

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Katie Kinnamon, female p3r ambassador

Katie Kinnamon

Katie was raised in Pittsburgh and came back after living in Charlotte, NC for 12 years. She is a teacher at heart and a stay at home mom to two. Katie ran the 2020 Virtual GAP Relay presented by UPMC Health Plan on a team AND again on her own!

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Melissa Kleijnjans, female p3r ambassador

Melissa Kleijnjans

Melissa is a health coach and a mom of four. She is a Pittsburgh native, living in Moon Township after stints in Philadelphia and Naples, FL. She has been participating in the Pittsburgh Kids Marathon for years as well as participating in numerous 5Ks. In addition to her love for running, she enjoys cooking, trying new restaurants, and living and promoting an active lifestyle.

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John Kofmehl, male p3r ambassador, shown outdoors

John Kofmehl

John is a Pittsburgh native, living in Washington, D.C., with his wife Bethany. Working as a Physical Therapist for the past 10 years, John primarily treats patients with neurologic diagnoses, like stroke, spinal cord injury, and brain injury. In his free time, he enjoys training for triathlons, listening to podcasts, cooking, and binging Netflix with his wife.

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Tom C. Lau, male p3r ambassador, shown outdoors

Tom C. Lau

Tom is an architectural designer and used to be an editor and writer for the online version of a lifestyle magazine specializing in the fine dining scene in NYC. He loves running and being outdoors whenever possible. He just ran his first two marathons, virtual Chicago and NYC, this past October and he is very excited to see where the next part of his running journey will bring him in the upcoming year!

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Kristen Lippencott, female p3r ambassador, running outdoors

Kristen Lippencott

Originally from southwest Pennsylvania, Kristen left the area in 2009 and subsequently fell in love with running. She settled in Little Rock, AR in 2012 and in 2019 became president of the Little Rock Roadrunners! Forty hours a week Kristen manages employee well-being initiatives for one of the largest employers in the state of Arkansas. In addition to running and yoga, she spends her free time attending minor league baseball games, volunteering in her community, and traveling throughout the U.S.

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Derek Long, male p3r ambassador

Derek Long

Derek is a high school English teacher and head boys' basketball coach at Pittsburgh Perry High School. He lives on the North Side of Pittsburgh with his wife Katie and their four kids (Isaac, Noah, Selah, and Theo). Derek has run six full marathons, three half marathons, four 10 milers, and a handful of shorter races.

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Keirstyn Marcucci, female p3r ambassador

Keirstyn Marcucci

Keirstyn was born and raised in Pittsburgh and is both a Penn State and Pitt grad. She is a legal aid attorney in Washington, PA where her focus is housing discrimination and family law. Keirstyn has been running since 2016 and is on the Board of Directors for City of Bridges Run Club, a newly formed all memeber-run run club here in Pittsburgh. When not running, she is spending time with her dog, Winnie, and fiancé, Zach.

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Jeanine McGuire, female p3r ambassador, shown outside

Jeanine McGuire

Jeanine has lived the last 19 years as an endurance athlete with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Despite her prognosis she defied the odds and became a two-sport collegiate athlete (soccer and cross country). To Jeanine, running embraces everything conquering life with a chronic illness is about, facing adversity and challenging your limits to go further than you ever thought possible.

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Leigh Nelson, female p3r ambassador

Leigh Nelson

Leigh owns her own business as a wedding photographer. She is an avid exerciser, and, when not running, I can be found riding her bike or working out at the gym. Leigh has a passion for traveling, not only to learn about culture, but also to experience the worlds that exist far beyond anything that I can imagine. She has hiked around the Meteora Monasteries in Kalambaka, Greece, and has also run to the top of the San Cristóbal Hill where the Sanctuary of the Immaculate Conception was built, in Santiago, Chile!

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Jeff Paladina, male p3r ambassador, shown outside

Jeff Paladina

Jeff is a father of four who is very active in the Central Pennsylvania running community, though he is originally from Beaver County. He has participated in the DICK'S Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon weekend of events every year since its rebirth in 2009. For the past four years, Jeff has organized race weekend for a large group of Harrisburg runners — they proudly wear "#HBGrunsPGH"!

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Todd Pindroh, male p3r ambassador, shown outside with his family

Todd Pindroh

Todd is a paramedic and soon to be father of three young men. He has been married to his high school sweetheart (and 2020 P3Runner), Leigha, for seven years. Their family has competed in multiple races in Pittsburgh throughout the past few years. Todd and Leigha use running and exercise as a way to inspire their children to stay active and do things that they enjoy.

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John Platt, male p3r ambassador

John Platt

John is a husband and father to two teenage daughters. John is an individual living with Multiple Sclerosis. He is a current board member for the only annual ultra running relay across the United States, MS Run The US. He has run, four times, in the Boston Marathon's Mobility Impaired Division, now called the Adapted Athlete Program. His goal is to ensure that no one ever feels alone. John's mantra is One More Step, because in the simplest form one is greater than zero and that is called forward progress.

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Christi Pletcher, female p3r ambassador, shown outside with her dog

Christi Pletcher

Christi grew up in Hopwood, PA but now lives in her favorite city, Pittsburgh. She started running over six years ago and her first big race was the UPMC Health Plan Pittsburgh Half Marathon! She has previously completed seven marathons and one ultra marathon. Her goal is to one day run Boston!

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Jacqui Pressley, female p3r ambassador, shown outside

Jacqui Pressley

Although born in Scotland, Jacqui has now made Pittsburgh her home. She started running 20+ years ago on a treadmill at the gym for fitness and to build endurance. Over the years she built the endurance and eventually started running races in 2017 and ran her first half marathons in 2019. Outside of running, Jacqui has an appreciation for the arts, good conversation, traveling overseas, organic foods and the occasional macaron.

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Doug Schunk, male p3r ambassador, shown outside

Doug Schunk

Doug is a father, husband, teacher, drumline instructor, assistant cross country coach, and unified bocce coach. Since he started running in 2013, Doug has run 14 marathons with a personal best of 3:07 at the 2017 DICK'S Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon. Doug loves running because it will push your limits, but once you push past those limits, you'll come out stronger than you were with each step.

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James Stiffey, male p3r ambassador, shown outside running

James Stiffey

James is a father, of a beautiful little girl, who didn't get into running until later in life. His first organized running event was the 2008 UPMC Health Plan/UPMC Sports Medicine 5K. Since that time, James has taken up road running, obstacle racing, trail running, and rucking. One of his most memorable accomplishments of 2020 was participating in a 4x4x48 on the GAP trail after falling in love with the course during GAP Relay presented by UPMC Health Plan the previous year.

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Erica V Strasser, female p3r ambassador, shown outside

Erica V Strasser

Erica is an avid runner and she has participated in several P3R events! She is a mom of two kids, and they have a Great Dane and one cat. Erica is a clinical therapist and a Pilates teacher. She's excited to represent the running community of Pittsburgh again in 2021!

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Brian Sullivan, male p3r ambassador, shown outside

Brian Sullivan

Brian started running in 2013, as a way to stay in shape. After running the UPMC Health Plan/UPMC Sports Medicine Pittsburgh 5K in 2014, and experiencing the Pittsburgh running community, he realized that running was more than just a way to stay in shape. Since that race in 2014, Brian has raced every distance from 1 mile to 100K.

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Lauren Wentz, female p3r ambassador, shown outside running

Lauren Wentz

Lauren is a physical therapist and yoga instructor in the Pittsburgh/Wexford area. When she isn't running, she loves to spend time with her family, friends & two dogs. Lauren ran in an ultra-marathon relay across the U.S. to raise awareness and funds for Multiple Sclerosis. She ran 167 miles in just 6 days!

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Lauren Wright, female P3R ambassador.

Lauren Wright

Lauren is known for being passionate, loud, and enthusiastic. As a newlywed, her wedding ring is the only bling she's more obsessed with than race medals. Lauren leads a fairly stressful life as both an admissions recruitment director and doctoral candidate at Pitt and running is her go-to stress reliever.

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