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We are excited to share that the 2020 GAP Relay presented by UPMC Health Plan will be a VIRTUAL relay race. While this isn’t the outcome we hoped for, we are excited to help you achieve your goals as a team and celebrate the Great Allegheny Passage from a safe distance. 

Registration is only $25 per person! That includes your virtual race shirt and medal, as well as an amazing and motivating virtual race experience (PLUS — the achievement of tackling 150 miles as a team).

Each year, this event raises money to support the Allegheny Trail Alliance (ATA), the non-profit organization supporting, improving, and caring for the Great Allegheny Passage. The GAP still needs the ATA’s work to thrive, and we hope to still raise money to support the ATA’s important work this year. While certainly not required, we encourage each team to make a donation of $100 during the registration process.

The GAP Relay is all about teamwork, and we are confident that this will still be an empowering and inspiring experience for your team as you work toward your goal of 150 miles together. We’ll mail your race shirt and medal to you and cheer you on as you complete your virtual GAP Relay anytime between June 19, 2020 - August 14, 2020. 


My team is already registered. Do we get a refund?

Yes! All registered teams will receive a refund of their registration fees. The first 100 teams to register get in FREE, thanks to UPMC Health Plan, and that includes those teams who have already registered. Your refund will be processed automatically. The refund will be applied to the credit card the team captain used during the registration process and he/she/they will need to evenly distribute the refunded registration fees to each member of the team however the team chooses. If the credit card or bank account that the team captain used during registration has changed, please notify us by 12 PM EST on Monday, May 11 so we can update your information. All team captains should receive their refund by May 22, 2020 at the latest.

How does my team run virtually?

Your team can split the 24 legs (or 9 legs, if you registered for the 60-mile option) up however you choose! All team members will have from June 19, 2020 through August 14, 2020 to complete their relay. That’s 8 weeks to log your miles and cover the distance from Pittsburgh, PA to Cumberland, MD. You can run your legs anywhere that works for you — whether that’s safely on a trail, through your neighborhood, or even on the treadmill! Our goal is to keep you moving, no matter where you are! Most importantly, we’re all about teamwork — especially in these difficult times. By running the GAP Relay virtually, you’ll have the chance to motivate and inspire your friends, family, and co-workers as you work together (even while apart) to crush your goals! We’ll be sharing our favorite info about each leg of the GAP trail to help inspire you every week. Don’t forget to tag @runwithP3R and use #virtualgaprelay on social media so we can follow along and cheer on your team!

Do I have to run on the Great Allegheny Passage (GAP)?

Nope! You can run wherever you feel the most comfortable (even on a treadmill). If you are local to the GAP and would like to utilize it for your relay, we ask that you please follow these GAP Trail Rules as well as local safety and social distancing guidelines during your run.

  • These are not closed courses. Please be aware of your surroundings and use crosswalks when crossing roads and look both ways. Obey normal traffic laws.
  • Plan for your run. Water fountains or sources may not be available along your route so please come prepared.  
  • Bring ID in case of an emergency.
  • Notify someone when you start your run and then when you are done.  Let them know where you are running.
  • If listening to music only use one earbud and leave your other ear open to listen for potential hazards.
  • Check the weather for the time you plan on running.Wear bright or reflective clothing.
  • Call 911 with any emergency right away.
  • Lastly and most importantly, use common sense and listen to your body — don’t overdo it.
How do I know how far to run?

An interactive course map is available HERE. Look for more exciting ways to interact with the GAP on our website and social media channels in the coming weeks!

Here's a breakdown of the 24 legs of the course:

Leg 1: Southside to Homestead, 4.67 miles

Leg 2: Homestead to Duquesne, 5.61 miles

Leg 3: Duquesne to McKeesport, 2.99 miles

Leg 4: McKeesport to Boston, 4.60 miles

Leg 5: Boston to Buena Vista, 7.23 miles

Leg 6: Buena Vista to West Newton, 6.44 miles

Leg 7: West Newton to Cedar Creek, 3.52 miles

Leg 8: Cedar Creek to Smithton, 2.53 miles

Leg 9: Smithton to Whitsett, 4.16 miles

Leg 10: Whitsett to Dawson, 9.54 miles

Leg 11: Dawson to Connellsville, 5.18 miles

Leg 12: Connellsville to Bruner Run, 11.5 miles

Leg 13: Bruner Run to Ohiopyle, 6.04 miles

Leg 14: Ohiopyle to Ramcat, 8.56 miles

Leg 15: Ramcat to Harnedsville, 4.54 miles

Leg 16: Harnedsville to Markelton, 9.27 miles

Leg 17: Markelton to Rockwood, 6.13 miles

Leg 18: Rockwood to Garrett, 7.33 miles

Leg 19: Garrett to Meyersdale, 4.64 miles

Leg 20: Meyersdale to Deal, 7.29 miles

Leg 21: Deal to Frostburg, 9.23 miles

Leg 22: Frostburg to Woodcock Hollow, 6.98 miles

Leg 23: Woodcock Hollow to Helmstetters Curve, 5.35 miles

Leg 24: Helmstetters Curve to Cumberland, 5.18 miles

Does my team need to split the legs or distances evenly?

No, your team can divide up the legs however you choose. This means that your team can have a mix of new and seasoned runners!

Can I run more than one of my legs on the same day?

Yes! You decide how you’re going to complete your GAP Relay legs. Just remember that you have from June 19,2020  - August 14, 2020, so there’s no need to rush.

When will I receive my medal and shirt?

Our goal is to ship your medals and shirts by the end of July! That way, you can proudly wear your medal when you cross your own virtual finish line in August. If our staff needs to delay shipment for safety reasons, we will let you know ASAP via email!

What if my team doesn’t want to run virtually?

If your team does not wish to participate virtually, please email us at so that we can make the necessary changes to your Race Roster account.

Some people on my team want to run virtually and some do not. What do I do?

Please email so that we can delete the participant(s) and open up space on your team for someone new to join you!

I would like to switch the size of my team. What do I do?

Please email for assistance with switching your team size.

How can I still support the Allegheny Trail Alliance (ATA) and Great Allegheny Passage?

We still hope to raise money for the ATA through our virtual version of this event and encourage each team to make a donation of $100 to the ATA at the time of their registration in Race Roster.

What is the Great Allegheny Passage?

The 150-mile Great Allegheny Passage soars over valleys, snakes around mountains, and skirts alongside three rivers (the Casselman, Youghiogheny, and Monongahela) on its nearly level path. Runners and cyclists pass through the Cumberland Narrows, cross the Mason-Dixon Line, top the Eastern Continental Divide at 2,392’, weave through the breathtaking Laurel Highlands, wind their way through 19,052-acre Ohiopyle State Park, journey through the region’s coke, coal, mining, and steel-making corridor, and end at Pittsburgh’s majestic Point State Park. LEARN MORE:

What is the cost of the event?

The registration fee of the 2020 Virtual GAP Relay presented by UPMC Health Plan is only $25 per person!

4-Person Team: $100 registration fee

6-Person Team: $150 registration fee

8-Person Team: $200 registration fee

Do I need to register as a Team Captain and a Team Member?

Nope! This year, you only need to register as a Team Captain. You'll automatically be a member of your relay team as captain.