Building Strong Habits

Building Strong Habits

As the 2020 Virtual EQT Pittsburgh 10 Miler nears, it’s time to build strong habits to ensure that we are continuing to be active and healthy as the weather begins to drop. Here are four practical tips that will aid in helping you establish strong and sustainable habits all year round: 

1. Make a plan

Making a plan is pivotal to success. Start by determining what that success looks like to you. If you want to build a habit of working out - how many times a week and for how long qualifies as a successful week? If you’re planning to eat better, is your goal to add more vegetables or drink more water? Determine what success looks like to you so you can accurately plan on how you will get there.

2. Find an accountability partner

You are more likely to form a strong habit when someone is counting on you. Fight the urge to establish a habit alone and ask a friend, a significant other, or a workout partner to be your accountability partner. Share your goals with them, tell them why you’re trying to build this habit and how you plan to achieve this goal. By giving these details, your partner will be ready to support you.

3. Show yourself grace throughout the process

You have a plan, an accountability partner and you’re working hard toward your goal. There will be times you fall short - don’t beat yourself up. Acknowledge the slip - whether it’s that cheat meal, skipped a workout or whatever it may be for you and take a step back to recenter yourself on your goal. One slip up does not eliminate all of your hard work and progress - you can jump right back on track!

4. Have fun!

You know one way to ensure that your habit is sustained? Make it fun. If you’re hoping to workout out five times a week, try various modalities to keep it fresh. If you’re hoping to eat better, try new healthy meals or establish “themed nights” at home. If you’re hoping to run longer distances, run with a partner or group. No one ever said building healthy habits had to be mundane and dreadful.


By Derrick Shoffner