Local Pittsburgh Family Resumes Thanksgiving Traditions With the YMCA of Greater Pittsburgh Turkey Trot Presented by UPMC Health Plan

As the weather cools down and the holiday season heats up, we can’t help but feel excitement knowing this year’s YMCA of Greater Pittsburgh Turkey Trot presented by UPMC Health Plan is almost two weeks away! The Zimmerman family is ready to get back to a live start line—will you join them?! Read on to learn more about what this annual tradition means to their family.


The Creation of an Annual Tradition and Lasting Friendships

“The shared experiences we’ve had in the three years of running the GAP Relay together are great memories for all of us, and it really bonds us.”

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With 24 legs to choose from, the GAP Relay is full of unique distances and endeavours! Check out the list of legs ranked from easiest to hardest, but keep in mind, none of these are really “easy”!


Runner Spotlight: Corinn Brewer

P3R is proud of local runners that work hard every day to hit their goal. It is extra special when a P3R race creates a special impact on a runner of any age and background! 

P3Runner Derek Long and three of his four children on a sidewalk in Pittsburgh.

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At this time in 2019, I was really excited for 2020, especially for my running calendar.