American Development Program – Supporting Future Olympians

The American Development Program is an initiative designed to increase exposure and racing opportunities for emerging American professional runners. P3R is committed to supporting promising American athletes in the running industry, aiming to help propel them forward in their running careers to international standings and participation in world-renowned athletic events.


Committing to Sustainability Practices

P3R is committed to sustainability practices and works with community organizations to fulfill green initiatives on and off the course by: 

  • Transforming vacant lots on the course into community gardens and/or art spaces
  • Developing and phasing in carbon-neutral events
  • Purchasing carbon offsets for practices that are not carbon neutral
  • Composting food waste and cups from finish line operations and course aid stations
  • Donating clothes left behind by runners


Community Engagement and Participation – Neighborhoods, Cheerathoners and Bands

The events we run are community efforts, the participation of the residents and local neighborhood groups are instrumental to our work. Exciting bands and energetic cheerathoners are two of the many reasons that runners choose to participate in our events. We believe that running is at its greatest when the whole community is able to come out and celebrate the sport together. 

These programs are an easy way to get your coworkers and college classmates active while having fun.