Mentally Preparing for Your Race

Treat your mind like your body! Don't overlook mentally preparing for your race or training season.

The Ups and Downs of Athletics

One of the hardest concepts to grasp about athletics is off days. There have been plenty of days where I haven't run how I wanted to, or just felt off in practice in general. I had trouble understanding how to overcome days where I don't feel my best during different reps and sets. What I have come to understand is those are the days when you better yourself. Digging deep on days that you don’t feel your best or on hard days are the times that make you a better athlete.

How to Frame Your Mindset

It’s hard to have the perfect mindset every day for practice but consistency and practice are key. Every day for practice I have found it’s best to develop a routine in order to feel and do my best at practice. Coming into practice with a positive mindset is essential for doing well. The routine can be as simple or as elaborate as you want.  I have found that a routine takes some of the hardest mental aspects of practice out. My routine includes eating at the same time every time, warming up at the same time, and listening to similar music while walking to practice. 

Support Systems

I have found it crucial to develop a circle of close family and friends to depend on especially during hard workouts. There are certain days when I need to lean on my friends or family before workouts. During this time I call my parents, have them calm me down, and talk out my emotions or what I am feeling. I also lean on certain teammates. I have found it is essential to find teammates to talk to even right before workouts. We work towards motivating and encouraging each other because at the end of the day, we want each other to do well. Other systems Sometimes it's hard to express how you feel mentally. Another way if you feel you cannot or are not able to express your emotions is to journal. Before bed, I write about the positives of my day even if it's just something small. This enables me to keep a positive mindset no matter what.

Some days are harder than others mentally but taking each day at a time is a great way to approach it. Keep a positive mindset and always reach out if you need help :)


- Danielle Bryant 

Danielle is one of P3R's NIL Athletes. As part of this opportunity, these P3R Athletes will create content for P3R’s social networks including instructional videos, blogs, and other resources to inspire all ages to MOVE. Learn more about these athletes here.