Virtual Race Day Tips

Virtual Race Tips

Are you ready to run your virtual EQT 10 Miler? Before you head out for your race day, here are a few tips to ensure that your virtual race is successful.

1. Set Your Course

Will you be running an out and back, point to point, a loop or venturing in and out of the City of Pittsburgh? Take the time to plan your route so that you don’t get lost, run a shorter or longer course and to ensure that you don’t run more hills than you’d like. A little preparation will benefit your performance and race day experience.

2. Hydration & Nutrition

Virtual race days mean hydration and nutrition will not be provided along your course so you have some options to think about before heading out the door to ensure you stay properly nourished. You can either carry your water and nutrition along with you or coordinate with family and friends to meet you along the course. This would also be a morale boost that could carry you to the finish!

Additionally, if you are planning to utilize on course nutrition such as waffles or chews, I encourage you to train with them. Trying chews for the first time on race day could lead to restroom breaks that could be difficult to accommodate due to the nature of utilizing an unofficial race course.

3. Treat your virtual race as an in-person event

While training for an event, training should build habits to ensure success for your race day. So when that day comes, you should be excited to apply all of the habits to ensure the best race day. Thoroughly warm up, set the appropriate pace, cue your training playlist and cool down after your race. Just as you trust your training during an in-person event, the same applies to your virtual event.

4. Make your virtual race fun

Whether you are running your event by yourself or with a small group, make your race day fun! Tell your friends about your virtual race, share your course with family and friends and encourage your personal cheer squad to show up to cheer you on. You will also receive a finish line kit in your Pittsburgh celebration box so have your family and friends set up the finish line for you to break the tape as you cross your finish line!

by Coach Derrick Shoffner