1-2-3-4 Run the Field

Description of Activity

This drill can be administered to any sized group as long as there is adequate space for participants to run without running into one another. This drill works best on a sport field such a soccer or football field, gymnasium, or large open space. This drill can be utilized to supplement a speed day. The objective of this drill is to have the runners progressively sprint longer distances the further they get into this drill. It begins with the runners jogging three sides of the loop and sprinting one side. For a track, this could be jogging a straight-away, turn, and straight-away and sprinting the final turn or on a sport field, jogging the sidelines and one baseline and sprinting the final baseline. The drill progresses with jogging two sides and sprinting two, jogging one side and sprinting three, and sprinting all four sides. This is continuous movement so stress pacing to the runners and scale the run so that the runners clearly show a change in running "gears" from jog to sprint.

Equipment Needed

Cones if running loop is not clearly marked

Potential Modifications

To modify this drill, make sure that the distance of the loop is appropriate. This is primarily a speed drill. Do not make the distances so far that this becomes primarily a conditioning drill due to runners not changing speeds throughout.