Description of Activity

This game is ideally played with a large group (10+) in a large space such as a gymnasium or sport field. Before starting the game, select two participants to be the farmers. These two will be the taggers and will be at center court when the game begins. Then make even groups out of the rest of the participants. Allow the participants to select a farm animal name for their group and evenly place members of each group in adjacent corners of the gym. Gameplay will begin with the farmers calling out one of the animal group names. Each member of the said animal group will then attempt to run to the adjacent corner of the playing area without being caught by the farmers. If an animal is tagged by a farmer, they must run one lap around the perimeter of the playing space. "Barnyard" can also be called which means that all groups of animals must attempt to run past the farmers without being tagged. Scoring is flexible and optimal but can be how many time a player is tagged (with the player with the least winning), switching farmers after they tag X number of runners, etc.

Potential Modifications

You can modify the playing space by making the court size larger or smaller. You can also utilize different locomotor movements such as power walking, skipping, galloping, walking, and shuffling.