Blob Tag

Description of Activity

This activity is ideal for groups of 10 participants or more. The playing space should be clearly marked with cones or boundary markers. The game begins with two participants being identified as "it". They become "The Blob" by linking arms and start the game by tagging others. "The Blob" moves together and must keep their arms linked together as they try to tag others.

The objective of the game is to avoid being tagged for as long as possible. When someone is tagged, they join "The Blob" by linking arms with the tagger. If/when a fourth player is tagged, "The Blob" then separates into two "Blobs". Every time a Blob becomes four players, it must split. Gameplay continues until all of the players become part of “Blobs”. If a player runs out of bounds to avoid being tagged, they must connect with the nearest “Blob”. The last two players out become the first “Blob” for the next game. Pending the number of participants, gameplay will conclude quickly. However, this is a fast-paced game with everyone running throughout.

Potential Modifications

Due to the brief duration and recommended small playing area of this game, this activity should be conducive to all abilities and levels of fitness. In the event of early-onset fatigue change the locomotor movement in gameplay from running to walking or power walking.