UNO/Card Fitness

Description of Activity

This activity can be completed with any size group. The flow will go as follows: a participant will draw a card from the deck of UNO or playing cards. There will be a corresponding exercise related to the suit/color of the playing card or UNO card. The participant will complete the exercise with the number of repetitions being the cards face amount. Participants will continue with drawing cards and completing the corresponding exercises until the entire deck of cards has been played/completed. For card breakdown, see below.

Standard Playing Cards
Hearts- Mountain Climbers Jack- 11 repetitions
Diamonds- Lunges Queen- 12 repetitions
Spades- Sit ups King- 13 repetitions
Clubs- Push Ups Ace- 14 repetitions

UNO Cards
Red- Push Ups Skip- Skip one lap around the gym
Yellow- Mountain Climbers Reverse Card- Run one lap around the gym
Blue- Sit Ups
Green- Lunges
Draw 2- Draw 2 cards, add up their face value and complete the number of repetitions from the corresponding exercise of the color of the draw 2 card.
Draw 4- Draw 4 cards and doo all four of the exercises from each card.
Wild Card- Rest for 1 minute

Equipment Needed

Deck of playing or UNO cards

Potential Modifications

This game can be scaled or modified in a number of different ways. All exercises can be adapted to the objective of the training session by only working upper body, lower body, more high-intensity cardio based exercises, etc.