Cats Corner

Description of Activity

This game is best played in large groups (10+) and on a court or large playing space. The objective of the game is to run from one corner of the court to another without being tagged. To start the game, split the group into four different subgroups with each group starting in a different corner and designate one person as being "It". This person will start in the middle of the playing space. Use cones to designate safe spaces in each corner of the playing field. In the safe space, a player cannot be tagged. Prior to starting the game, review safe tagging which is a light tag as opposed to a hard contact that could cause someone to fall to the floor. To start gameplay, the player in the middle who was designated as "It" will yell "GO" and all players will try to run from their corner to another while trying to avoid being tagged. If a player is tagged, they will also become a tagger.

Potential Modifications

This game can be modified in a few ways. First, the playing space can be modified. If running the full length of the baseline and sideline of a basketball court is too much, distances can be shortened. If participants become fatigued, a different locomotor movement can be utilized such as skipping, power walking, or walking. Finally, if you would like the flow of gameplay to be continuous, you could prescribe a calisthenics movement to those who are tagged with them returning to the game following the completion of the movement as opposed to becoming a tagger.