Read below to learn the answers to our most frequently asked questions, and check back regularly for updates! Don’t see an answer to your question? Email us at info@p3r.org.

We know - it's a lot of info and you have some questions. Check out the questions we get most often below, and if you need more info, reach out to us at info@p3r.org or CLICK HERE to view the 2022 Runner's Guide. 

How does the GAP Relay presented by UPMC Health Plan work?

Find all of the information you need on our webpage linked HERE!

How do I register?

Team captains register first, then each team member can register and join the team. All team members will need to register and complete the event waiver.

Are you planning to have a pacer and/or driver? They'll need to register, too (there are no additional fees to use pacers and/or drivers). 

What direction are we running in 2022?

We are starting in Cumberland, MD, and running to Pittsburgh, PA!

What time does the race start in Cumberland?

Some teams will start at 3:00 P.M. and others at 4:00 P.M.

What time does the one-day adventure race start in Whitsett?

The 40-Mile Adventure Race will begin at the Whitsett exchange zone and run the 9 legs between Whitsett and Pittsburgh’s South Side.

Where does the one-day race start?

The 40-Mile Adventure Race will begin at the Whitsett exchange zone and run the 9 legs between Whitsett and Pittsburgh’s South Side.

Are you planning the Ultimate GAP Relay Trail Challenge again?

Yes! Registration for the virtual challenge will open later this year.

What kinds of teams are there?

150-Mile Relay from Cumberland to Pittsburgh:

  • 7 to 8-Person Teams
  • 5 to 6-Person Teams
  • 4-Person Teams

40-Mile Relay from Whitsett to Pittsburgh:

  • 5 to 8-Person Teams
  • 3 to 4-Person Teams
  • 2-Person Teams
Is there a time limit?

Yes. Each team's average pace should be at least 12:00 per mile. That doesn't mean that each team member needs to move that fast: you might have some runners on your team who run at a slower pace than that, but as long as you have enough team members who run faster so that the team's average is 12:00, you're good to go!

Are hand-crank and wheelchair participants permitted?

They sure are! For safety reasons, there are some extra precautions we ask of participants using hand-cranks or wheelchairs - email us at info@p3r.org to start the conversation!

We're really going to run at night through the wilderness?

Yep - that's why we call it an adventure! Running on the GAP at night requires either a headlamp or a flashlight, as well as a reflective vest. We strongly encourage each runner to carry a cell phone and not listen to music - especially while running at night. 

Do we need to supply our own vehicle(s)?


Does the team need to run in the same order for the entire race?

Nope. You and your teammates can choose which runners tackle each leg of the course. You may want your stronger team members to run the longer legs while newbies take on the shorter legs. Or maybe half of your team is going to run the first half of the course and the other half of the team will start at the halfway point and run to the finish. It's completely up to you and your team how you complete the challenge! You are also permitted to run more than one leg in a row.

I want to participate, but I don't have a team to join!

We've got your back. Like the RUNwithP3R Facebook page and ask to join the Find a Team group!

How many legs of the race are there?

For the 150-mile event, there are 24 legs. For the 40-mile event, there are 9 legs.

When will I sleep?

Whenever you can! Be sure to pack sleeping bags!