Description of Activity

This game similar to ultimate Frisbee except players can take up to three steps when they possess the ball and as opposed to possessing the ball in the end zone counting as a score, players are shooting at a goal. Small soccer goals or cones can be used to create a goal. However, a box should be created that offense players cannot enter to ensure that players do not get too close to the goal when throwing the ball in an attempt to score (This could be no closer than the bottom blocks in the paint of a basketball key). Teams could be five on five with a goalie per team, maximum with as little as three on three with a goalie per team. The game can be played to a certain number of goals or with a time limit and can be played indoors, in a gymnasium or outdoors on a sports field or open space.

Equipment Needed

Foam ball

Potential Modifications

In the event or concern of fatigue, the playing field can be made smaller. Also, participants could utilize a different locomotor movement as opposed to running (i.e. walking, power walking, skipping, etc.) Handball basketball can be another adaptation. Same rules apply but as opposed to scoring being throwing a ball into a goal, it could be shooting the basketball through the hoop with basketball scoring being applied for 2 and 3-point shots. Dribbling is not enforced for this modification. Players can still take three steps with the ball before having to pass and shoot.