Description of Activity

This activity is ideal for a large group in an enclosed area such as a large activity room or a gymnasium. To begin gameplay, start by creating a "throwing pit". This could easily be identified as the center court circle on a basketball court. If playing in an unmarked area, use cones to create a "throwing pit". This pit will be in the center, inside of the mats. Set up one mat along each side of the gym. This will be the hiding area for runners who will be running around the perimeter of the circle created. Pick one participant who will start the game as a thrower. Everyone else will be positioned throughout the perimeter of the court. The objective of the game is to run around the perimeter of the circle as the thrower attempts to throw foam balls at the runners. The runners can use the mats as cover by stopping behind them as they run around the perimeter of the circle but the runner can only hide behind the mat for 10 seconds, maximum. If the runner hides behind the mat for longer than 10 seconds, then they are out and must become a thrower. If a runner is hit by a ball thrown by the thrower, they are also out and must become a thrower. Only balls that hit the runners from the shoulders down count. Gameplay can continue for a time limit or until all players have been hit.

Equipment Needed

Cones, 4 mats, foam balls

Potential Modifications

This activity can be modified in a number of ways. If the objective is to have the participants continually run for a set amount of time, there can be an all-time thrower. In this scenario, once a participant is hit a calisthenics movement can be applied and the runner can return to the game as opposed to joining the thrower. Secondly, less mats can be utilized. Three can be used in the form of a triangle. This lengthens the distance that participants run from mat to mat. For younger children with less developed biomechanics, the throwing distance from throwing pit to the perimeter of the running area can be shortened.