Description of Activity

Jacks can be played with any number of players. To begin, you will need a ball that bounces, and about 5-10 small household items that can be picked up easily (legos, small stuffed animals, markers). Players will take turns playing. In round 1 the first player will bounce the ball off of the ground, reach down to the ground to pick up 1 item, and then catch the ball before it touches the ground. Each player will complete the same task for round 1. If you fail to pick up the item and catch the ball then you must perform a prescribed exercise (Example: 20 jumping jacks) and try again next round. Round 2 continues the same way but each player must pick up 2 items and then catch the ball. Continue playing until there is 1 remaining player!

Equipment Needed

  • A ball that bounces
  • Items that can be picked up