Continuous Relay

Description of Activity

Split runners into at least two evenly matched teams. Give each team a baton and set up an exchange zone using cones around the running loop. Place one runner of each team at each exchange zone with two runners at the starting position.

Make sure to have at least one runner more on each team than you have exchange zones. As runners complete their legs of the loop, their teammates will be resting. The objective is to have all runners return to their starting position as quickly as possible without dropping the baton. The activity can be modified dependent upon how many participants you have in attendance. This activity is ideally administered in a gymnasium or indoor/outdoor track.

Equipment Needed

Cones, batons, stopwatch

Potential Modifications

Utilize staggered starts, more exchange zone, or longer to accommodate larger numbers as well. Activity can also be completed by utilizing other locomotor functions such as skipping, power walking, walking, or shuffling.