Last Runner Out

Description of Activity

This activity is best played on a track or any location that is a looped course with a set distance. If not administered on a track, cones can be utilized to designate the loop. Last Runner Out can be administered to any sized group but it is important to stagger the start if the group size is larger than four. The required number of laps on the loop is equal to the number of runners in the game so scale the distance and size of the groups accordingly. The objective is to be the first to finish each lap that is ran. As the game begins, the person who finishes last on each lap turns around and runs the opposite way. For example, for lap one, the runner who finishes fourth turns and runs clockwise. It then becomes a race with the three runners who were running the original counter-clockwise direction. The runner who then finishes third would turn and run clockwise and so on until there is only one runner running the original, counter-clockwise direction.

Potential Modifications

Scale the distances accordingly so that runners do not overexert themselves. You could also turn this into a relay with exchange zones. The last team to cross the start/finish line will have to run the opposite direction.