Line Tag

Description of Activity

Line tag is ideal for a group of at least five. This game is played on a basketball court or any playing field with clearly marked boundary lines. To begin this game, identify one player as "It" with everyone else being runners. The objective of the game is to avoid being tagged by the player who is "It" by only moving throughout the playing field by running on a marked line on the court. All players must follow this rule. If a free runner does not follow this rule, they become "It". If a tagger doesn't follow this rule, then the first person they tag doesn't count or a fellow tagger is released to become a free runner. By only moving on the lines of the court, it forces players to plan their movement, focus on their gait, and communicate with others on the court. Prior to beginning gameplay, go over safe tagging which is a light tag as opposed to a hard contact that could cause someone to fall to the floor.

Potential Modifications

If participants become fatigued, a different locomotor movement can be utilized such as skipping, power walking, or walking. Pending the objective of the class or training if you would like the flow of gameplay to be continuous, you could prescribe a calisthenics movement to those who are tagged with them returning to the game following the completion of the movement as opposed to becoming a tagger.