Memory Relay

Description of Activity

This game can be played with any number of players. It can be played with 1 player trying to complete the relay as fast as they can, or it can be played with 2 competing teams. Before you play you must set a start line, and across from the start line set up 5-10 pairs of playing cards. Mix up the pairs and place them face down. Each team should have their own set of face down pairs of cards that they run to. The game begins by each player running to their designated set of cards, they then flip over 2 cards. If they match the cards are returned to the start line. If they DO NOT match, they are placed back face down and the player must do a prescribed exercise (10 jumping jacks) before returning to the start line. Once they return to the start line the next player runs for the cards and flips 2 cards. Play this game until one team finds all of their matches.

Equipment Needed

  • A deck of cards