Rabbit & Hounds

Description of Activity

This game is flexible and can be administered to any sized group. To ensure the safety of all participants, you may have to stagger the start. To begin the game, have participants find a partner. One of the partners will be the rabbit and the other will be the hound. The hound will chase the rabbit. To play the game have both of the player’s line up on the baseline of the court or playing area. Give the rabbits a slight head start and then have the hounds attempt to catch the rabbits before they reach the finish line. In a gymnasium, this is from baseline to baseline but can be lengthened or shortened pending space and participants. Once the players get from one baseline to the other, the runners will switch roles.

Potential Modifications

To make this game easier or harder, you can lengthen or shorten the playing field. You can also give the rabbits more or less of a head start from the hounds.