Rainbow Relay Race

Description of Activity

Split the group into two teams. Each team will line up at a starting line, and at a distance away (appropriate to the space available), place two buckets or bins (one for each team) filled with colored items (e.g., colored balls, bean bags, or even socks). Each team will have a different color of items. When the coach says “Go!” The first players from each team run to their team’s bucket, grab one colored item, and bring it back to their team’s starting line. They then tag the next player in line, who repeats the process.
The goal is for each team to collect all their colored items from the central buckets and bring them back to their starting line. The first team to successfully collect all their items and have all players back at the starting line wins the round.

Equipment Needed

1 bucket per team, the same amount of different colored items to collect (balls, bean bags, toys, cones)

Potential Modifications

Team size, distance of course, skip/run/bear crawl