Red Light, Green Light

Description of Activity

Red Light, Green Light can be administered with any size group. The objective of the game is to make it to the “stoplight” without being caught. To begin the game, select one person to be the stoplight (this can be the teacher). The stoplight should stand far away from the runners. If you are administering this game in a gymnasium, the runners and stoplight should be on opposite baselines. The stoplight should turn with his/her back towards the runner. When this occurs, the runners run from their starting positions and towards the stoplight. When the stoplight turns around, the runners must immediately stop running. If anyone continues to run once the stoplight turns around, they must return to the starting line and start again.

Potential Modifications

You can modify the playing space by making the court size larger or smaller. You can also utilize different locomotor movements such as power walking, skipping, galloping, walking, and shuffling or by having the students complete a calisthenics movement if they were to get caught by the stoplight.