Sharks & Minnows

Description of Activity

This activity is for large groups (10+) and can be played in various different places and spaces. However, make sure to consider that there is adequate space for participants to safely move from end to end. Gymnasiums, fields, and large open spaces work best. Before you start the game, go over safe tagging which is a light tag as opposed to a hard contact that could cause someone to fall to the floor. The objective of the game is to run from one end of the field to the other without being tagged by a shark. If playing in a space where a baseline is not evident, establish a baseline by using cones. To begin gameplay, identify one person who will be the shark. Everyone else will be minnows. The shark will stand in the middle of the playing field and will yell "GO". At this point, the minnows will begin running to the other end of the playing field attempting to make it from one baseline to the other without being tagged by the shark. If a minnow is tagged by a shark before safely reaching the other baseline, they become a shark. The game is played until there is one or two minnows left.

Potential Modifications

Modifications for this game can be made for a host of situations. The distance between the baselines can be scaled for level of challenge. The activity can also be completed by utilizing other locomotor functions such as skipping, power walking, or walking.