Steal the Broccoli

Description of Activity

This is a great game for groups of four or more. Divide teams evenly with each person on the team receiving a number. After you have done so, place each team on opposite sides of your space and place coveted objects that are easy to run with in the middle of the space- sports balls, batons, bracelets, stuffed animals, etc. With the two opposing teams on opposite sides of the coveted items, the objective of the game is- when your number is called: race to the center before your opponent, grab the item and race back to your respective side. If you succeed in doing so, you receive a point. You can play to any point total.

Equipment Needed

Any items that are easy to run with - a sports ball, baton, bracelet, stuffed animal, etc. Make sure to place numerous in the middle of the playing space if you can.

Potential Modifications

You can modify this game by increasing or limiting the running distance, modifying the locomotor movement to (jogging, hopping, skipping, etc.) or by calling more than one pair of numbers.