Tic Tac Run

Description of Activity

This game can be played with groups as small as 4-6 people but is better with a bigger group. The group needs to be divided into two even teams. Each team gets a set of 4 cones, the goal of the game is to get three in row like if you were playing tic tac toe on paper. Lines of the floor will be set up so the teams can set the cones. Both teams will start behind a line and one by one they need to run to the tic tac toe set and set their cone in the desired position. Once they do so, they must run back and tag the next
person in line so they may run and set their cone. Whichever team gets three in a row first wins. If it is still tied after the 4 cones have been set, then each team must already move a cone that is set in place to keep the game moving

Equipment Needed

Tic tac toe boards (jump ropes for lines), cones/bean bags as X's and O's 

Potential Modifications

Due to the brief duration and recommended small playing area of this game, this activity should be conducive to all abilities and levels of fitness. In the event of early onset fatigue, change the locomotor movement changes from running to walking/skipping. This activity can be changed to throwing instead of running to the tic tac toe station.