Toe Tag

Description of Activity

Five or more players are recommended for Toe Tag. Allow ample space for participants to maneuver to avoid being tagged but will want the space small enough to encourage quick, agile movements. Set up the playing space by using cones or boundary markers (floor lines).

Everyone is "it" at the same time. To play the game, participants tag one another by stepping lightly on one another toes. No stomping on toes. Once a player is tagged, they must go out of bounds and perform a prescribed calisthenics movement (i.e. push up, sit up, body squat, plank, lunge, jump squat, wall sit, mountain climbers, etc.) before returning to the game. The best way to avoid being tagged is to keep your feet moving quickly. This is a great 5-7 minute game that will require the participants to move quickly.

Equipment Needed


Potential Modifications

Due to the brief duration and recommended small playing area of this game, this activity should be conducive to all abilities and levels of fitness. In the event of early-onset fatigue, lessen the repetition of calisthenics movements required if tagged.