Ultimate Freeze Tag

Description of Activity

This activity is ideal for a large group (10+) and is best administered in a large space such as a gymnasium or sport field. Gameplay begins with someone being designated as "It". This person hides a small ball or object somewhere within the playing field. The objective is for all of the free runners to run around the playing space looking for the ball while trying to not be tagged. If a free runner is tagged, they are then frozen. This player cannot move until another player finds the ball or object, throws it to him/her and they catch it. If the ball is found before the person who is "it" tags everyone, then the free runners win. Otherwise, the person who is it would win by tagging everyone before the free runners find the ball. Prior to beginning gameplay, go over safe tagging which is a light tag as opposed to a hard contact that could cause someone to fall to the floor. This activity is flexible in that it could last 5-7 minutes or 10-12 minutes if played one game after the other with participants maintaining interest.

Equipment Needed

1 ball or item that can be hidden

Potential Modifications

Modifications for this game can be made for a host of situations. The playing space can be scaled for level of challenge. The activity can also be completed by utilizing other locomotor functions such as skipping, power walking, or walking. The game can also be modified to keep participants moving throughout the duration of the game by applying calisthenics movements to the game in the event that players are tagged so that when tagged, they can continue to participate following the completion of their movement as opposed to being frozen.