Ultimate Frisbee

Description of Activity

A foam ball can be used if throwing/catching a Frisbee is challenging or if a Frisbee is not available. Doing so would reduce the number of changes in possession after each throw due to more successful/complete passes. This game is best played with a large group of participants (10+). The objective of the game is to move the ball down the playing field and into the opposing team’s end zone. However, players cannot run when they possess the ball. Once a player catches the ball, they must stop and look to pass the ball to their teammates. By passing the ball down the court, the offense can move closer to the end zone. If the ball is dropped and hits the ground, it changes possession. The ball can be intercepted by the defense as well. Once a change of possession occurs, the same rules apply with the person possessing the ball. This game can be administered in a large open space such as a gymnasium or even a sports field. If there are not lines to delineate inbounds-out of bounds and the end zones, cones will need to be used. In a gymnasium, the baseline is the end zone while also serving as out of bounds along with the sidelines.

Equipment Needed

Cones (if needed) & foam ball

Potential Modifications

This game can be adapted once fatigue sets in by having all of the participants power walk as opposed to running. Secondly, the playing field can be modified by making the end zones larger, thus shorting the playing field. If children have developed the proper technique for throwing a Frisbee, this can be substituted for the foam ball.