Your Number, Your Way

Description of Activity

This is ideal for a larger group (10+) to play inside a gymnasium or on sports field. The group must be divided into two even teams. Once divided each team goes to opposite sides of the gymnasium or field. Each member of the team will be given an assigned number. (It should work out that each team has a person assigned as number 1 and so on.) To set the game up ball will be placed in the middle of the field or gym, one set of cones will be set up as a line for the teams to stand behind, and another set of cones known as the goal line will be set up in front of the teams. The game will begin once each team has lined up behind the cones. A person known as the caller will call out a number and whoever was assigned that number must run to the middle of the field or gym and play a mini game of soccer. Both teams must stay behind the team line unless their number is called. Whoever scores first wins. In order to score the ball must cross the cones and if the ball is in the air and someone from the other team catches it then
no point is given. The game goes for how many points the caller decides to go up to.

Equipment Needed

Soccer ball, cones
Potential Modifications