Becoming a Hill Running Hero

Many runners' biggest fear or weakness is running hills. Being a strong hill runner is a huge advantage to have in races. Read our top 5 tips to becoming a hill running hero!

  1. Keep Your Head Up: Avoid the urge to hunch over or lean forward too much. Doing this will cause your already shortened uphill stride to become even shorter. Envision yourself in a powerful stance as you ascend the hill. 
  2. Drive Your Knees: Don't just lift your knees, DRIVE your knees upward to help extend your stride as you run up the hill. 
  3. Pump Your Arms: Don't forget to pump your arms. It is better to exaggerate and over-pump your arms while you run up hills. Pumping your arms will create more momentum and power as you run.
  4. Be Bouncy: Run on the balls of your feet and try to make quick steps instead of heavy and hard steps. Thumping your feet onto the ground will slow your momentum up the hill.
  5. Practice makes perfect: Now that your form is taken care of, it's time to hit the hills! Try hill repeats on a hill in your neighborhood or at a local park. Remember to focus on your form!

By combining all of these tips, you will be an effective and efficient hill runner!