Workouts of STEEL

Let's Get MOVING!

Workouts of STEEL is Kids of STEEL’s very own free digital resource library! Included are printable resources, video library, and a game library. To access more resources, sign up as a Kids of STEEL Site here.

Need help getting started? Check out our How To Use Workouts of STEEL Guide for tips on building your very own workout session!

*Those using these videos acknowledge that they are participating in the activities by their own free will and at their own personal risk. P3R is not responsible for injuries or damages associated with use of these videos.

Games and Workout Library

Choose your Workout of STEEL! Browse below or use the drop-down menu to see games and activities that suit your space, group size, or age. (Level 1 would suit kids PreK to 1st grade age range; Level 2 – grades 2-4; Level 3 – grades 5-8; Level 4 – high school.)

Looking for a running workout? Look for the stopwatch in the upper corner.