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01.14.21High school age, Middle school age, Training Tips

Introducing the 4RUN2 Varsity Strava Club

We are so excited to launch our newest opportunity for teenage runners, the 4RUN2 Varsity Strava Club! The club is a great way to track your mileage during your training, view our running resources, particpate in fun and challenging contests, and much more!

Girl receiving a medal after a race

New Year, New Goals!

At the start of each New Year people across the country set New Year’s Resolutions for themselves. This blog will help you decide on what to make your New Year’s Resolution, but more importantly, how to stick to it throughout the whole year and beyond!

Teenage runner stretching before a race

Learning Your Running Lingo

Just like any sport, running has its very own language. Some of the vocabulary and terms that are used by runners might be hard to decode by those who are new to the sport. Don't worry though, this blog will explain the most popular running terms that you need to know!

10.26.20About Running

MOVE this fall with the EQT Kids Virtual 10, Presented by DICK'S Sporting Goods

07.30.20About Running

Pro Advice: Mile Race Strategy - The 4 P's

06.26.20About Running

Conquering Your Running Goals