Soccer Skills Workout

This soccer-themed workout is a great new way to get moving, no matter if you're a soccer pro or just a beginner!

As fall rolls around, sports begin to kick off and we know many of you enjoy staying active in a variety of different ways. I enjoy staying active and moving by playing soccer! Soccer involves running, foot skills, and teamwork. One thing that I have learned throughout the years of being an athlete is that when playing sports you don’t have control over many things such as the weather on game day or the other team's game plan...BUT you do have control over what you do and how you prepare yourself to be game-ready, physically and mentally. That can all start with this workout! 

This soccer-focused workout includes a warm-up, technical work with a ball, and running. Modify this workout as needed (higher/lower repetition, farther/shorter distances, etc.). Remember to hydrate before, during, and after exercising! 

  • Time: 30-40 minutes 
  • Where: Outdoors / Soccer field (optional) 
  • Equipment: Soccer Ball 
  • Requirements: Try your best & have fun! 

Warm-Up (6 mins): Try this dynamic warm-up before you get started

Warm-Up Technical (5 mins)

  • Foundations 50 Reps: Using the inside of your feet, tap the ball back and forth, keeping the ball underneath your body 
  • Toe Taps 50 Reps: Tap the top of the ball while alternating feet 
  • Inside outside 25 each foot: Take a small touch with the inside of your foot and then with the outside of your foot 
  • Sticky Tape 25 each foot: Focusing on one foot at a time. Place the bottom of one foot on the top of the ball and roll the ball side to side. Your foot should always have contact with the ball.

Partner Passing or Wall Ball (10 mins)

You can complete this activity with a partner or you can find an outdoor wall and pass the ball off the wall (ask the adult in your life before choosing a wall to use). 

  • Two Touch - 50 reps: Receive the ball with the inside of your foot and pass the ball 
  • One Touch - 50 reps: You will not take a control touch, pass the ball immediately. 
  • Three touches - 50 reps: Trap the ball, roll it with the bottom of your foot, and pass the ball with your opposite foot 

Run (10-20 mins)

Your choice: choose one of the following running activities to finish your workout! 

  • If you are at a soccer field, use the field lines to complete this workout. Start on one end line. Sprint to the nearest 18 yd box, jog back. Sprint to half-line, jog back. Sprint to the furthest 18 yd box, jog back. Sprint to the other end line, jog back. 
  • Go on a steady run for 15 mins.
  • Jog for 30 seconds, Run for 30 seconds for a total of 10 mins