Benefits of Taking a Brain Break

What are brain breaks and how can they be used at home or in the classroom? Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about brain breaks and their benefits.

Did you know that the average attention span for a six-year-old is about twelve minutes? Did you know it’s about twenty minutes for a ten-year-old? As short as thirty-two minutes for a sixteen-year-old? Kids of all ages can benefit from taking a purposeful break when learning and focusing for an extended amount of time. Brain breaks provide opportunities for kids to take a short break that will ultimately help them be more productive.  Brain breaks are exciting bursts of activity that provide purpose to your routine as a mental and physical break. Breaking up the monotony of a task can create more energy and eagerness to continue learning.

Brain breaks can be implemented throughout the day at any time and at any frequency that is needed. An example of utilizing brain breaks in a classroom would be during a transition when the class is switching from reading to science.

Brain breaks can be used after school while children are completing their homework or even completing their chores and responsibilities.

There are different types of brain breaks that could be more beneficial in certain situations. If students are about to take an important test, using a brain break that includes a centering technique could help individuals decrease their stress levels and refocus for the test. If kids are feeling tired or a bit sluggish, choosing a brain break that gets students up with a burst of movement can be effective in increasing kids' energy levels! 

Brain breaks can create an immense impact on the performance and attitude of kids throughout the day. Implementing brain breaks into your daily routine is an easy way to boost productivity, performance, and attitude. We see the importance and impact brain breaks have on individuals and families which inspired us to create Brain Breaks with Kids of STEEL. These brain breaks will help encourage any and all to continue to move!


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