Winter Workout Ideas for Families

At this time of the year, the temperature is changing and more than likely there is snow outside. With childrens’ eagerness to play in the snow, it will be easy to find motivation to get outdoors. Do you have a snowball fight every year? Do you like to build snowmen? These are awesome ways to stay active! Check out the following activities to stay active as a family this winter.

Before you head outside for your winter workout, be sure to read our winter workout tips.

Snowball Fight: Who doesn’t love a good, friendly snowball fight? Snowball fights encourage kiddos to run, duck, and dive. These movements activate various muscle groups and can increase an individual's heart rate. A snowball fight can get kids moving without even thinking about it! 

Build a Snowman: We all know that building a snowman can take a lot of work! You move your bodies in more ways than one. Why not throw some exercises in there? Once you have your three balls of snow, hold each one and utilize it as a weight! You could do squats, lunges, or any other exercises that you would like! 

Snow Maze: Create a path in the snow for others to follow. Add in balls of snow, a snow wall, and other fun, creative barriers for kids to jump over and move through in order to finish the maze! Time how fast you can move through the maze! Can you move faster the second time around?

Some days in the winter, it may not be possible to go outside due to the frigid temperatures and the amount of snow on the ground. Here are fun alternatives to have ready to go in your house! 

Workouts of STEEL: Choose one of the many workout videos and games from Grab the entire family as there are videos for all ages and they can be completed in any space! 

Movement Jar: Take a jar and fill it with slips of paper that have a movement written on them. Allow kiddos to select a movement from the jar and complete the move with them! Movements can vary depending on your child's age and ability. If the child is younger, add in animal movements. If your child is more advanced, add in movements such as lunges and pushups. 

Create Your Own Space: Using tape, create an agility ladder or hopscotch on the floor. Work through different movements on the agility ladder or play a fun game of hopscotch with the family!