father and child after a race

Goal Setting For Kids

Running and other sports provide a great opportunity for kids to learn about setting goals and working to accomplish them.

Creating your own goals allows you to have the opportunity to learn how to set up individual goals and execute them for yourself. Setting goals provides you with a target to aim for or within. In order to have a goal, you need it to be very specific, attainable, measurable, relevant, and timely. What is your goal? Is it attainable? When are you going to accomplish it? Does your goal tell you how you’re going to accomplish it?

Here is an example goal timeline:

My mile time is 7 minutes 40 seconds but I want to run faster. How can I create a goal to run one mile faster?

New Goal: I will run one mile in 7 minutes 30 seconds by December 1st by committing to my practices and taking care of my body. Let’s break this goal down. Within this statement I answered three major questions; what, when, and how.             

           - What: Run 1 mile in 7 minutes 30 seconds.  

           - When: By December 1st

           - How: Committing to practices and taking care of myself

Goals can be of any size. They could be as small as waking up 30 minutes earlier for a week or could be as big as training to complete a marathon next spring. Having goals set for yourself can be held in any aspect of your life. Setting goals allows for you to work towards something, continue to grow, and have new experiences.

How Do You Respond To Not Successfully Meeting a Goal That You Have Set For Yourself?
Not every goal you create for yourself will be successful or happen as you had planned. There will be times when you do not meet your deadline on time and stem away from the plan that you had. You may feel discouraged by this, however, it allows you to revise your goal and see what you can change to improve it for next time. There will always be a new goal to work towards, and new checkpoints to hit in order to succeed.
Remember to ask yourself: What, When, and How next time you are creating a goal. Every goal is worth giving your best efforts and hard work towards!