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How I Work Out: Coach Derrick

We would like to use our blog to highlight how some of our Kids of Steel coaches and staff members stay active. This week, read about P3R's Coach Derrick.

I workout utilizing an array of different platforms. I am a cyclist, crossfitter, runner, and avid fitness enthusiast. I am always trying to incorporate new modalities into my training regimen. While being active, healthy, and fit are goals of mine, what’s most important to me is balancing my training with my obligations and finding the training platform and schedule that will result in me feeling my best. That being said, it has led to a culmination of various platforms. 

On a typical day with good weather, I try to be active throughout the entire day. My mornings include a bike ride to work or a run around my neighborhood. I then go to work, attempt to incorporate some walking into my workday by taking a couple of laps throughout the building every couple of hours or by walking during my lunch break. If I rode my bike to work, I ride back home and then head off to crossfit. My crossfit workouts are short and sweet. I’m typically in and out of the gym in about an hour and 15 minutes. This includes a warm up, cool down, dynamic and static stretching, and a workout. This is how I workout and while this is an ideal day, the name of the game is being flexible. If I miss a day or two here and there, I don’t dwell on these missed opportunities and I encourage you not to either. Move forward and take advantage of the days to come.