Kids of STEEL — Toddlers: #MOVEPittsburgh!

Toddlers do not seem to need much advice on how to move! But your always-on-the-go child might be taking on the Virtual Sheetz Pittsburgh Toddler Trot or want to be a part of big brother's or big sister's Kids of STEEL workouts.

Here's some fun, age-appropriate ways to incorporate physical activity into playtime!

  • Ball skills: catching, throwing, kicking, underarm roll
  • Locomotor skills: running, jumping, hopping, climbing, skipping, leaping
  • Balance skills: balance on a curb, walk on tippy-toes, hop on one foot, walk in a straight line with your eyes closed, try a yoga tree pose
  • #MOVEPittsburgh as a family: the Sheetz Pittsburgh Toddler Trot coloring sheet is a fun way for little ones to record time spent on family walks.