10 Minute Stair Workout

No equipment? No problem. You can get a quality cardio and upper body workout in without leaving your house. All you need is a set of stairs.

Please be very careful: use the lower stairs for these moves and use the handrail to keep your balance. Walk (don’t run) the steps.

Repeat each workout as many times as you can in 1 minute.

Long Steps Up: Streeeetch your legs out as far and high as you can as you walk up the stairs.

Bottom Step Toe Taps: Start with both feet on ground level. Drive your left foot up and switch legs mid-air to very lightly tap the bottom step with your right toes. Think hop up on left foot, switch, right foot tap; hop up on right foot, switch, left foot tap.

Touch Every Step with Both Feet: Make sure both your left and right foot touch each step on the way up the stairs.

Push-ups (incline): Put your hands on the stairs with your feet extended back onto the ground and do push-ups. The lower the stair your hands are on, the harder they will get.

Calf Raises: Do 5 calf raises, walk briskly up the stairs, do 5 more calf raises, and walk back down the stairs. Repeat this for 1 minute.

Sideways: Begin going up the stairs sideways with your right leg out front. The next time you go up switch and lead with your left leg. Keep alternating until time is up.

Up & Down 1 Step: For this exercise you will remain on the ground and only use the 1st stair. Begin with both feet on the ground, put your right foot on the first stair, then your left foot on the first stair. Then put your right foot back down on the ground, and your left foot back on the ground. Repeat this over and over, once you get the hang of it try going faster and see how quickly you can get up and down.

Tip Toes: Be swift and quiet like a ninja and walk up the stairs on only your toes.

Push-ups (decline): These are the opposite of the incline push-ups. Put your feet up on the stairs with your hands on the ground and try some decline push-ups.

Tricep Dips: Face the opposite direction of the stairs. Straighten your arms and place your hands on a stair behind you. Slowly bend your arms to lower your body close to (but not touching) the ground. Push up and straighten your arms to raise back up and complete one repetition of a tricep dip.