Staying Active Outside this Summer

Enjoy running and playing outside in warm temperatures!

Time of day:

  • The temperature is high and so is the humidity. Make sure to hydrate properly and run at cooler times of the day.
  • Run at the right time of day - not during peak sunlight and heat!
  • Pittsburgh has about 4 peak sun hours during a summer day, from noon until 4pm. These will be the hottest and hardest times to run. We suggest running in the morning or evening to stay cool and safe. Just make sure that there is sunlight so you can see and it is safe to be outside.

Heat and sun:

Due to the heat, you might need to slow down your pace.

  • Keep your eyes safe with sunglasses. 
  • Don’t forget your sunscreen - sports sunscreens work best because they will stay on better when you sweat. Mineral sunscreens are safe.
  • Think about where you’ll be running. On a sunny day parks will have more shade than most streets to help keep you cooler!
  • Make sure to check the temperature before getting dressed for a run, you never know what it will be like. When you check, look at the temperature, humidity, and pollen levels. These will all help you decide what to wear and how to prepare.
  • Temperature and humidity are rising, make sure wear wicking material (no cotton) to help keep you cool through this change.
  • Wear bright fun clothes so cars and other runners can see you clearly - light and bright colors will also keep you cooler in the summer!
  • Pittsburgh summers can be unpredictable so don’t forget to check the weather before heading outside! 
    • 60 degrees - capris and a tank (mesh on capris for ventilation)
    • 70 degrees - shorts and a short sleeve shirt (opt for non-cotton since it holds the heat in)
    • 80 degrees+ - shorts and a tank top


  • Don’t forget to drink water before leaving the house. Hydrating during your run - even if it is short!
  • You could carry a water bottle in your hand (tip: there are some water bottles that have hand straps to make carrying them easier)
  • You could wear a running belt with a bottle holder or a hydration backpack/vest to carry your water
  • You could check before your run to see where there are drinking fountains or run a loop around your house so you could stop home after every lap to drink (tip: leave a water bottle on your front porch so you’re not tempted to go inside and end your run early)
  • Hydrate after your run! 

Summer rain showers:

  • Try running in the rain - throw on a hat and go! 
  • We typically think of a rainy day as a good time to stay inside, but it can be lots of fun to run in the rain. If it is pouring, stay in, but if it is drizzling throw on a hat to keep the rain off of your face and give it a try.
  • Make sure to stay away from cotton clothing since it will get heavy and stick to your body.