Runner Spotlight: Corinn Brewer

P3R is proud of local runners that work hard every day to hit their goal. It is extra special when a P3R race creates a special impact on a runner of any age and background! 

P3Runner Derek Long and three of his four children on a sidewalk in Pittsburgh.

2020: A Year of Hard Things

At this time in 2019, I was really excited for 2020, especially for my running calendar.

Photo of Erica V Strasser stretching before a run.

2020 Was Indeed a Successful Year of Running

"Running is important to me, it is my daily therapy, it gives me purpose, and it is a passion. The P3R organization and its team of devoted and equally passionate members motivate me to continue on my race journey by keeping the dialogue open about how to keep the community active, motivated, and enthusiastic about movement and running."


How to Keep Your Family MOVING Together As the Weather Gets Colder

Don’t let the cold weather drearies stop your family from being active this fall and winter. P3R has plenty of ways to keep your family inspired and motivated to keep moving.

P3Runner Katie Kinnamon high-fives her family on the race course

Find the Joy in Running as a Family This Thanksgiving


Ready.Set.MOVE. is Gearing Runners Up for Fall Fitness with Everything from Fuel to Swag

This season’s Ready.Set.MOVE. box is full of Fall essentials for fitness and running


Warming Up & Cooling Down

To ensure optimal performance and safe participation in sports and workouts, it is important that you warm up prior to and cool down after you break a sweat.


Getting Started: Training for the EQT Pittsburgh 10 Miler

The hardest part of anything is getting started. Work projects, homework, new habits and even fitness are all difficult to start. That being said, I want to share a couple of practical tips to help you kick start your proverbial engine. These can be used wherever you may be within your fitness journey: regardless of if you’re coming back from an injury or time off, just starting your fitness journey or looking to refocus for the upcoming Virtual EQT Pittsburgh 10 Miler, these tips will help.